Real Skills for the Real World

We support local communities and clients by providing real-world training.

For Corporations

Want to retain and maximize the value of your employees in this tough labor market? We will partner with you to identify gaps, and develop the right curriculum necessary to quickly bring your employees up-to-date with skills that are relevant to your business. A great way to reward your loyal employees, reduce turnover, and strengthen your company's technology base skills.

For Graduating College Students

It's no secret that Technology moves fast. Most educational institutions can't keep up and can only lay limited foundations and best practices before the landscape changes. We partner with Fortune 500 companies to develop a curriculum that bridges the gaps between student and successful Corporate Technologist, and make you project-ready and impactful from day one. You will apply the skills that you learned in school and we will fill the gaps with the necessary technology and Corporate Soft Skills training that will help you kick-start your career.

For Professionals

We train experienced professionals to help you make the leap for the next steps in your career, or ramp up for a new project. From management to technical skills, we have classes that focus on enriching your knowledge so you can be prepared along with introducing you to a valuable network of people and companies in your industry.


We're invested in your career. Our goal is to make sure you're prepared for the career path you choose and to help you pursue the direction you're interested in.

  • Classes taught by experienced leaders who work in the field

  • Stay engaged with class participation, interactive notes, and in-class application of concepts

  • Critical thinking
  • Key Business Insights and Core Foundational Skills

Relevant Curriculum
for High ROI

Connecting Core
Concepts and Fill Gaps

Key Tricks of the Trade

Training for Project Impact,
Not Memorization to Pass
Certification Tests

Talent Vetting for Clients
and Career Connections

Not Just Technical Training

Being qualified is only half of the story. Whether you're just starting out in your career or are a seasoned professional, finding that first job, moving onto the next job, or growing in an existing role, we want to make sure you're successful. We partner with Fortune 500 companies that subscribe to our program, and develop a curriculum that allows our students to be placed with our partners upon completion our program. Our partners are involved throughout the duration of the program and help us provide hands-on and real-world projects and experience for students.

  • Make sure you're prepared to hit the ground running
  • Provide support and mentoring during your first year to be sure you're successful and productive
  • Invested in long term success and focus on helping you convert from part-time to a full-time equivalent
  • Teach foundation of software development, corporate culture, documentation, consulting skills, and “team” mentality
  • Learn how to take direction and when to ask questions
  • Best practice coding approach for long-term success and maintenance of projects, not just to meet a deadline
  • Software Development Concepts
  • After one year, we expect you to have the ability to lead projects


Your skills, knowledge, and level of experience are all factors in how you perform your job. We look for the greatest needs from businesses and provide classes that make you immediately relevant to employers. Our curriculum focuses on teaching time-tested methods based on proven technology and concepts, along with teaching leading edge technology based on where the industry is heading.

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Intraedge University has a large training facility in Phoenix Valley and is flexible enough to provide training on-site for clients.

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